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Ecobank Nigeria limited has entered an advanced stage of its digital transformation agenda which is aimed at enabling its customers depend more on its digital platforms to do their daily banking activities, thereby reducing the need t o g o t o b r a n c h e s …

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Outdoor Advertising: IMC Players X-ray 2015 OAAN Poster Awards

The lineage of Global Outdoor advertising can be traced to the earliest forms of civilizations. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians employed tall stones or obelisks to publicize laws and treaties. While modes have changed over the centuries, this form of advertising is still relevant in the world of communications …

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Nigerian Bottling Company strengthens Public Affairs Unit

Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC), a member of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company A.G., has appointed Mr. Akomen Omijeh as Corporate Communications Manager and Miss Bisi Aweda as Communication Channels Manager, effective May 11, 2015. Akomen, who joined NBC from Cadbury, started his career in Cadbury Nigeria in 2001 and held …

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